Why Dachshund dogs make wonderful pets

Why Dachshund dogs make wonderful pets

Why Dachshund dogs make wonderful pets

Why Dachshund dogs make wonderful pets.
The reasons why dachshund dogs make wonderful pets are the same reasons many dog owners do not like them. These little dachshunds are extremely energetic and loyal, yet remain independent little creatures that are extremely bold, curious and adventurous. They love to go after game and vermin and dig huge holes underground as “pretend hunters”, as that is what they were originally bred for. But with adequate exercise and proper training, this all can be easily controlled.


Why Dachshund dogs make wonderful pets

A high-energy dog that can live from 12 to 14 years, the playful doxie is affectionate to its family and children. Some may not like strangers and some do — it depends on how it was raised as a dachshund puppy, what the dog is about, and if it was raised in a life of abuse. But regardless, the dachshund can be a wonderful watchdog no matter what—it’s the degree of aggressiveness that varies. This is a little dog who lets the entire community know the mailman has just arrived—“We’ve Got Mail!”— with tail wagging as fast as it can in greeting.

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To dachshund trainers, training this little hound dog is rated a number two on a five-number scale. But it is a no-brainer that training abilities depend on the trainer and the background of the dog. Some dachshunds are so quick they run mental circles around both their trainers and owners. Others could care less, as long as they can lie on the couch and watch Animal Planet all day with snacks delivered ala’ carte.


Why Dachshund dogs make wonderful pets

Dachshund dogs make wonderful pets if kindergarten training is begun as a young puppy. Not a moment will be regretted, as dachshunds are happy-go-lucky and lovable but still need to be taught the basic commands and to mind their owners. It’s been proven that dogs, including the dachshund breed, end up in shelters or abandoned due to ignorance of the breed and lacking in basic training. Bad habits, such as biting, excessive barking, chewing, digging, and toilet training, can be either controlled or removed with proper training.

Lots of understanding and unconditional love is what this loving little dog thrives on.  Shelters, foster homes, and dachshund rescues for the busy doxie can testify to this, as the same dog who has had a life of traumatic abuse and is considered a lost cause can slowly be turned around in a couple of weeks by someone who cares.  Remember — the reasons why dachshund dogs make wonderful pets depend entirely on their owner — not the dog. The dachshunds have everything they need.

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