Dachshund Dog Personality, Health and Care

Dachshund Dog Personality, Health and Care

Dachshund Dog Personality, Health and Care

Dachshund Dog Personality, Health and Care.
The dachshund is such a wonderful and lovable little breed of dog that comes in an impressive suite of sizes, coats, and colors. There are standard, mini, and even in-between sizes of dachshunds and come with wire-haired, long-haired, or smooth-haired coats that are colored: black, black and tan, chocolate and tan, chocolate and cream, cream, tan, blue and tan, red, and dapple.


A Little About Miniature Dachshunds


While they do often have a sharp and high-pitched bark of persistence when strangers approach, for the most part, this breed is an alert kind of watchdog that does not enjoy strangers or company inside of their home. However, this can be prevented with enough training. They do enjoy doing things their own way and they’re very independent which also means they are stubborn and may respond defensively if they are teased or handled harshly.

Dachshund personality and behavior.

Playful, ever charming, quite lively, very brave, and endlessly curious. This little animal loves to play games and has such a wonderful sense of humor. Your family will be entertained forever on end at the antics that the cute little dachshund will perform.


Do dachshunds have a favorite person?

Most Dogs are loyal to their primary caregiver. Bonding usually occurs with the person who feeds, walks, and trains them. Dachshunds, on the other hand, will show a good amount of love to all of their family members, but they tend to be more attached and attentive to one person. They certainly can develop jealousy whenever they want attention and they also can be quite possessive of their toys in fun things. Be sure to discourage your dog from behaving in such a way and reward them for their excellent behavior otherwise.


Are dachshunds easy to care for?

This breed needs only a moderate amount of exercise as they can be rather stubborn and have a potential for digging holes in barking his was the nature of their breed in the 1700s when they were used for hunting foxes for sport. They love to go outside and enjoy exploring the forest or hunting.

What kind of personality do dachshunds have?

This breed is loyal, entertaining, and quite comical at times and has such a fun-in-family-friendly personality. This little breed also gets along well with other breeds and especially enjoys the company of their own breed.

How do you take care of a dachshund?

Be sure to exercise it moderately and give it brushes often as it has the potential to shed. Do groom it often and perform that with minor trimming and regular nail clipping. You can also take great care of this dog by making sure that it has all of its needs and other aspects of its personality paid attention to. Making sure that your pet has an adequate amount of sleep as well is vital to it’s health.


What they should eat?

Your dachshund should enjoy the highest quality of food that you are able to provide. Ask your local veterinarian what brand and amount of food per meal is the best fit! Keep in mind that as a dog ages, its needs will change.
Here are a few of Finn’s favorite foods and snacks :


Is a dachshund a good family dog?

Dachshunds are loving, loyal and affectionate dog breeds. They are good family dogs and get along with children if you introduce them at an early age. This breed is a fantastic family dog with lots of potential for living a long and good life and happens to be very friendly with other pets especially other dachshunds.


Feed your “doxie” quality dog food and limit treats.

Be certain that you feed your pet only the highest quality of dog food in moderation and make sure that treats are limited only to those special treat times and not make them a regular part of their diet. For more diets and food, recommendation SEE HERE.


Avoid letting your “doxie” jump on the furniture.

Be certain not to let your pet jump too often on the furniture as they have very fragile little spines and their back muscles can be strained especially during jumping and leaping motions.
One of the most common implementations for a dachshund-friendly environment is adding accessibility dog ramps throughout the home. This reduces stress to the spine through daily movement reduction. These can be placed at any location to make certain areas and heights easier to tread for the smaller breed.
PetSafe CozyUp Sofa Ramp – Durable Wooden Pet Ramp is a must and one would be surprised how much stress they actually reduce over time. Everyday movement adds up over the years and owners are partially to blame if they instill bad habits that encourage the progression of IVDD.


How to train your dachshund?

Training animals is something that many have the patience for and others do not. Be certain to know that this animal is stubborn and irritable but once trained will be a lifelong rewarding companion. Here are few books that are very useful in training your fur baby:

Bathe your doxie when needed.

Dachshunds only need a bath every three months or so. This is the same whether smooth-haired, long-haired, or wire-haired. If you bathe your dog too often, it washes away the natural oils that make their coat nice and shiny, leaving them with dry fur and skin. But if your animal is long-haired or wire-haired or they get very dirty they need to be bathed regularly and should be groomed weekly at the least.


Brush your doxie regularly.

Take special care to brush any mats or tangled hair clumps that your doxie may get during its adventures. These things can be detrimental to the coat and they may damage the scalp if left neglected and unattended.
And remember that these are just general qualities about the breed. Your dog will bathe in its own unique way and it is important to listen to and adapt to your special little companion as it changes in personality.

Keep in mind that if you do not want to deal with excessive barking, digging holes, or a serious spinal problem that could happen to one out of every 4 of this breed that may result in paralysis of the animal, this may not be the right fit for you.

In conclusion, The entertaining and lovable small wiener dogs are right among some of America’s favorite and are quite popular across the globe. Listen to your animal and listen to your vet and as long as you bring lots of love into your relationship with your dog I guarantee that you will find success and happiness along the way!

Having an animal by your side is one of nature’s most fulfilling and life-enriching tasks that it has given us as we have domesticated dogs, cats, and other critters along our way through the human experience. If you ever find yourself needing more information about this fun little breed, check out support groups and ask your local veterinarian for help along the way.

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