Beginners Guide To Training A Dachshund

Beginners Guide To Training A Dachshund

Beginners Guide To Training A Dachshund

Beginners Guide To Training A Dachshund

If you did not know, dachshunds were actually originally bred to serve as hunting dogs that will follow scents and chase down animals, particularly badgers. Considering this, it is embedded in these breed’s history and evolution to learn to think and act on their own. This trait, however, led to dachshunds being innately stubborn and notably harder to train. With that, we offer you some tips and tricks to consider when training a dachshund puppy.

Basic Puppy Training Checklist

Before we even go through training a dachshund puppy, let us first enlist some of the most basic puppy training that you can find in some of the best dog training books. Some of the first things you should teach your dachshund puppy includes:

· Potty training
· Crate training
· Barking training
· Socialization
· Lead training
· Chewing and nipping

Aside from that, you can also include some of the most basic dog tricks and commands such as:

· Sit
· Come
· Stay
· Down
· Leave
· Fetch
· Paw
· Speak
· Quiet
· Gently
· Back

Guide to Training a Dachshund

As mentioned earlier, dachshunds are born stubborn and thus difficult to train. However, that does not mean it is impossible. Much like any other dog breed, dachshunds can be taught and trained, but it would take a lot more time, effort, and patience to do so. With that, here is a simple guide on how to train your pet dachshund:

Start them, Young

One of the first things you can do to help ease the challenge of training a dachshund is to start teaching them while they are still a puppy. Ideally, you should start training your Dachshund puppy when he’s about 8 to 12 weeks old, but it is best to start small and simple with commands such as sit, stay, come, and the likes.

Keep the Positivity

One of the biggest things that will be tested when training a dachshund is your puppy. Considering that dachshunds are stubborn, teaching them rather simple commands would most likely take longer than it should be or compared to other dog breeds. In cases like this, it is important to remain calm and positive. Adequately reinforce positive behavior with treats and praise but refrain from shouting at your pup whenever he does anything wrong as this will only scare and confuse him.


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Dachshund Training Tips and Tricks

Aside from the reminders as mentioned earlier on how to properly treat your dachshund pup when training, we offer some more tips and tricks that you can incorporate in your training program:

· Keep your training sessions about 10 to 15 minutes short at a time to keep your pup from being distracted.
· Speaking of distractions, remove any other items in your immediate area that might distract your dachshund from training.
· Keep your training simple and make it fun by engaging your pup in different commands one at a time.
· One way to discipline a dachshund is to ignore him simply.
· Use their favorite treats


While it isn’t entirely impossible to train a dachshund that is innately independent and stubborn, what is important is for you to put the needed time, effort, and patience to make things work. Hopefully, this article was able to provide you with information on how to start training a dachshund puppy.

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